As an organization, we take the privacy of our customers’ information as paramount. As such, we have various guidelines that are followed by our staff and writers’. These pertain to information collected by both the Company’s servers and that submitted by clients. The following subgroups contain information that shows the client and other visitors how their data is handled

Information collected as a result of browsing the website

This information is stored in our servers, which are encrypted to ensure third parties cannot obtain that information. The data collected includes but is not limited to the type of web browser being used, Users’ IP address and the type of operating system

About Cookies

 Cookies are essential in providing a better user experience. They help the Company tailor your experience as a client by boosting our interaction with you as well as creating suggestions that you may find useful, such as the best writers. It is important to note that cookies identify a computer and not a user for better customer experience.

Use of Optional Information

The Company collects optional information such as a user’s email and profile information. These are collected in the initial signing up process and are stored under encryption in or servers. The Company does not sell this information to any third parties. It is merely to keep a record of its users for filing and management of accounts.

Future Developments

Please be assured that customers are made aware of future events through their provided emails.  Regular updates are disseminated from the Company’s HQ to the clients. Updates to the Privacy policy are provided, ensuring customers are kept abreast of changes.


The Company keeps an emphasis on its privacy and security measures. Aside from encryption of data, user information is kept anonymous. It includes credit card information, emails, and user identity. As an essay writing service, we know the importance of privacy, and thus, your information is protected from misuse and third-party interference.

Links Disclaimer

The Company wishes to put a disclaimer on external links. These include phishing links and Spam email from third parties aimed at illegally obtaining your information.   The Company furthermore distances itself from third party and external websites that have security measures that are different from ours. The Company thus indemnifies itself from policies, failures, losses as well as leaked content that stems from users using external links. It includes those provided by the Company within our platform to help refine the user experience.

Prohibited Disclosures

Clients are encouraged from disclosing crucial and essential information that is pertinent to the Company’s running as this would be counterintuitive to their success. This information is not limited to writer’s and staff identities, personal information, and location. Disclosure of this information in the public domain will lead to the termination of current and future transactions with the customer.

Privacy Policy Changes

Information retained on the website is subject to change. This due to the nature of information technology and new methods of hacking that lead to leaks. As a result, the Company reserves the right to change any rules and regulations concerning its privacy policy. It is the customer’s duty to keep in touch with these new changes.

Access to Information

Customers’ have free access to their data. The Company has the mandate to provide any information requested in writing about user identity and preferences. The client can then change or update this information according to the user policy provided that this information is in no way fraudulent as pertaining to the laws of the country.