The Availability of Service

Although the Company strives to provide the best services, it is in no way, shape, or form liable in any capacity for its lack of availability. Understandably, technology tends to fail thus if the website is unavailable for any reason or customers’ experience downtime, the Company will not be liable for any losses, damage, tortuous liability or expenses incurred by the client. Furthermore, any statements or opinions expressed or contained in the website or any items of the Company are not limited to strict interpretation under the law. These opinions should not be held against the Company as they may be those of an individual and by no means represent the views of the entire Company.

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The term ‘client’ refers to the individual(s) the Company is receiving compensation from in exchange for the services of essay writing. Their terms and conditions bind any external links that are used in the execution of these services. The Company shall not be held liable if an individual (Customer), a third party not subject to the customer contract or corporation(s) receive false and/or misleading information. A disclaimer is extended to the use of the information given out to other parties by a client or employee. The Company does not recognize advocacy conducted by anyone on its behalf without proof of action through formal writing. ‘Website’ refers to the specific domain that the Company’s profile is hosted on.

Usage of Received Electronic Documents

As a client, it is prohibited for you to put your names, identities, or personal information in documents that are returned for revisions. The Company is set against the violation of copyright law, and thus any documents produced by the Company bearing significance are subject to referencing. Please do not reproduce in part or in whole any documents provided by the website. It is essential to understand that electronic documents are created for you our client to aide in research as an example of how to model your paper. The website is not a party to any lawsuits that may arise regarding any essays or content that is received from the Company. The Company also refuses to accept liability brought on by technicalities such as server problems and mail delivery system crashes.


Please note that the Company will only submit work that is below 10% on plagiarism. The Company values the work that students put into their studies and thus strives to provide essays that help these students achieve the absolute best. Any plagiarism over this mark will be eligible for a partial or full refund depending on the severity of plagiarism and the inability of a revision.  Writers work with various plagiarism checkers such as ‘Turnitin,’ ‘Chegg’ and utilize sources that are peer-reviewed to maintain the highest levels in referencing. These ensure that the submitted work is up to international standards of reference, thus preventing plagiarized work.


The Company accepts payment right after an order has been made to facilitate the immediate beginning of your work. We have access to many forms of payments, including MasterCard, Visa, Apple, and Samsung pay, American Express, PayPal, and Venmo. The Company’s prices are subject to VAT depending on the region an order originates from. Clients from The USA and Canada are tax exempt, but those from Oceania and the European Union have a 3% facilitation fee.


It is also vital for a client to understand that there is a cap at 30% when requesting a proofreading/ editing orders. Due to differences in language across the world, the client needs to highlight spelling format in their instructions is it American, Australian, or British English. Furthermore, it is understandable that anything over that percentage shall be treated as a new order and thus subject to a higher rate.