Money Back Guarantee

Welcome to Online Essay Typer Writers as part of the user agreement, we have various terms and conditions that you agree to as a client of our essay writing service. As stated above, we guarantee customer satisfaction for all your writing needs. However, should you find our writing services, not par with your expectations, you have a right to a refund from us. Please note, however, that this shall be subject to verification by our Quality Assurance Department (QAD) who work in tandem with our writers.

When Do we Refund Part or All of your Money?

Customers are subject to a full refund under the following conditions;

1. The client has obtained a wrong order from a writer- In case of a mistake
occurring where the writer misinterprets the instructions of an order, the
client shall receive a full refund from the Company.

2. In the case the Company is unable to fulfill the clients’ request- The Company
reserves the right to cancel orders at any time. This may be due to it failing
to find a writer for an assignment of complexity, thus warranting a full refund
to the client.

3. Plagiarism-The Company takes plagiarism very seriously and therefore if a paper with 10% or more plagiarism is submitted, the Company shall refund the client’s fee. This is subject to provision of proof by the client.
Right to Partial or Full Refund?

The Company also recognizes that customers have the right to a partial refund in specific occurrences;

Late submission- If a client receives

their assignment from the writer past the submission deadline but within the
schools’ submission deadline, a partial refund shall be remitted in

Disputed Assignments- The client has a right to dispute a submitted assignment. This is done through the Company’s website portal. The QAD shall analyze disputed tasks. If the allegations brought against an assignment (either on misrepresentation of assignment facts or unfulfilled instructions partially/ in totality) a refund shall be provided.

Customer Responsibilities

A client has responsibilities to theCompany to ensure that the instructions that are provided are clear and to the point.

A client has the responsibility of ensuring that the materials provided are correct and relevant to the topic that is requested.

A client is also responsible for providing
supporting evidence on disputed papers to help back up their claim for a full
or partial refund

A client is also responsible for filing refund requests in time to ensure a smooth process- It is advisable for theclient to file a dispute within 14(Fourteen) days for short orders and 30 (thirty) days for long orders. This ensures that time is taken in reviewing the orders and fulfilling a refund request.

Our Consideration

The Company takes disputed orders very seriously and shall review them fairly examining the writer’s submission versus the client’s request. We suggest that
you request you liaise with the assigned writer through our client/writer
portal to make sure that the writer accurately follows instructions.
Furthermore, the Company shall keep communication with you during this period through our support portal as the process takes up to 48 hours to review. Lastly, we encourage that in the event of a cancellation of an order within submission time, the client opts to assign the job to another writer, thus shortening the process of obtaining a refund.

Use and Ownership of Disputed and Refunded Materials

The Company refuses to relinquish its intellectual rights on disputed and refunded materials. All materials that have been disputed or refunded belong to the Company in whole.