2016 Presidential Campaign

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I will attach the methods, literature review and results section. I want you to compile them and make the flow. then check the sections to be changed according to the professor’s comments

I will send you the Literature Review, Data and Methods, Assignment 9, Annotated Bibliography for this Research Paper. This assignment needs to have the following. A title page including a title and your name.

Starting on a new page, place your introduction. The introduction should provide an interesting context relevant to the research (like an anecdote drawn from current events), basic background information on the question/problem, a clear and concise thesis, and an overview of the paper. Note the importance of the thesis. Papers without a thesis, and therefore without a central argument, will automatically receive an F.

After your introduction, you will place your literature review. This section of the paper should include the heading Literature Review in bold type. Section headings should either be centered or left justified. The literature review should be revised consistent with the feedback you received.

The next section is labeled Data and Methods. In this section, you will place the revised version of your data and methods section.

The next section is labeled Results. This is where you will place the revised version of that section from Assignment 9.

The next section is labeled Discussion. This is where you will place the revised version of that section from Assignment 9.

Next, you will write the conclusion of your paper. Label the section Conclusion and follow the recommendations from Baglione. Note that your conclusion should address the following:

Restate your thesis and assess your thesis based on your findings.

Specifically address the question of how well traditional explanations of voting work for the 2016 election.

If the traditional explanations work well, what made 2016, which felt so different, fairly normal?

If non-traditional explanations matter more, what made 2016 so extraordinary?

How well do you think your findings from 2016 will apply to the 2020 presidential election, and why?

Lastly, please include a properly formatted reference section, labeled References, starting on a separate page. The reference section must include all of the sources you cite in your paper.

In addition to the content described above, your grade will be affected by style and format. Please make sure of the following:

Pages must be numbered

Citations and references must be properly and consistently formatted

All citations must have a reference and all references must be cited in the paper

There is a separate title page

Sections have appropriate headings (no heading for the introduction; every other section has a heading)

The introduction starts on a new page and the paper continues without break until the end of the conclusion

Avoid hanging headings and split tables

Your paper is well-written and free from spelling and grammatical errors

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Please submit a 1-page response the reading by Ameer Ali. Answer the following questions:

According to Ameer Ail in “Assimilation, Integration or Convivencia:The Dilemma of Diaspora Muslims from “Eurabia” to “Londonistan”, from “Lakembanon” to Sri Lanka,” what are the challenges of integration for diaspora Muslims living in non-Muslim Countries?

What is Ali’s advice on how to live as an integrated minority?

Do you agree with Ali’s perspective on integration? Why or why not?

Shalem MIS dis – I need a discussion on the below topic

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You may recall that we started using visualization tools back in week 7 (SAP Analytics Cloud) and as recently as this week with Tableau. As an IT manager, discuss how you would use the materials in Chapter 11 of your textbook communicating IT information to other departments, highlighting how tools like SAP Analytics Cloud and Tableau would benefit you.. Specifically, explain how executive dashboards can lead to better business insights. What are the limitations of dashboards?

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City analysis essay brief and instructions

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City analysis essay brief and instructions


Chosen City : NEW DELHI

Research and write a formal essay in response to the question provided. Your essay should construct a coherent argument in response to the question, provide evidence based on rigorous research to back up each point. You can draw on the information gathered during tutorials, your city profile reflection posts and poster but make sure you paraphrase and extend on this information and undertake additional independent research.

Essay question

  1. Analyse a city (New Delhi) in the global south, tracing its history, geography, development challenges and future. 2500 words

Conspicuous consumption assignment

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  1. Check Point: Conspicuous Consumption.
  2. According to Veblen, what is conspicuous consumption?
  3. Do you agree with Veblen that conspicuous consumption exists? Why or why not?
  4. If Veblen is correct and conspicuous consumption exists, then what role does price have in determining marginal utility?
  5. Whether or not you agree it exists, does the existence of conspicuous consumption negate the chapter analysis about maximizing total utility? Why or why not?

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