its 832 paper for elaborating on the challenges in dealing with international shareholders in developing countries.

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Hints: select peer-review articles, chapter 9, 13, and 15 can assist you with this assignment.

You need to submit a paper for elaborating on the challenges in dealing with international shareholders in developing countries. If you do not have international business experience, your reading material will help you much. Your essay must be NOT less than 1200 words, excluding the list of references.

This assignment will be one of several throughout your educational program. One of the core competencies necessary to succeed in your education endeavor is the ability to identify other research that pertains to your own. This means you’ll have to identify similar research, read the papers, and assimilate prior work into your research.

Your paper must be a correct APA format, use proper grammar, and will need to include at three (3) resources, ALL of which must:

1) Be current. Published within the last few years, but not older than 2014.

2) Be peer-reviewed.

3) Relate directly to Information Technology in a Global Economy.


Every resource you choose must be peer-reviewed. That means the paper must have undergone a formal peer review before being published in a journal or presented at a conference. You must ensure that your resources have undergone rigorous revisions. In most cases, you can find out the review process for a meeting or journal by visiting the appropriate web site. Do not merely assume that a resource is peer reviewed – check it out.

Here are a few URLs with additional information:…………

What is the rationale for the implementation of case management services within the Community Health Center Inc.?

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Overview: For the capstone assessment, you will create a business implementation plan and audiovisual presentation for the product, service, or idea you have been developing throughout your MBA coursework. In Milestone One, you will submit the justification for your idea or concept. You will connect entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship with organization change and survival. This milestone lays the foundation for the rest of the project by outlining the justification of an idea or concept. Ultimately, the justification in this milestone will provide much of the reasoning that decision makers will use to determine if they will fund your idea or concept. Critical Elements:  Rationale: Lay out the rationale for the idea or concept.  Problem or Opportunity: Identify the problem or opportunity that the idea or concept addresses.  Market: Analyze the market for the product or service.  Competition: Analyze the key features that set the product or service apart from the competition.  Company: Explain how the concept fits with the mission, vision, and priorities of the company implementing the product or service.  Innovation: Discuss how or why the product or service is innovative. Guidelines for Submission: Your draft must contain all of the elements listed above. It should be 5 to 8 pages in length (excluding the title page and references) using 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins. You may include summary pictures, charts, graphs, or other explanatory diagrams as needed to successfully explain the concept and implementation, but should use appendices for detailed supporting documentation. Your paper should follow APA guidelines. You must include at least 5 scholarly sources. Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page. Critical Elements Proficient (100%) Not Proficient (0%) Value Main Elements Includes most of the main elements Does not include any of the main elements 15 Critical Thinking Provides logical conclusions and defends with examples Does not provide logical conclusions 15 Rationale Provides rationale and thoroughly defends it Does not provide rationale 10 Problem or Opportunity Identifies the problem or opportunity and includes a detailed description of how the idea or concept addresses the problem or opportunity Does not discuss the problem or opportunity 10 Market Analyzes the market for the product or service and quantifies market size Does not analyze market for product or service 10 Competition Analyzes key features, outlines how these meet unmet customer needs, and explains how the key features set the product or service apart from the competition Does not provide key features 10 Company Explains how the concept fits with the mission, vision, and priorities of the company implementing the product or service, and connects this information with long term organizational strategy Does not explain how concept fits with the mission, vision, and priorities of the company implementing the product or service 10 Innovation Discusses how or why the product is innovative and situates the product or service within the implementing company’s larger product or service portfolio Does not discuss how the concept or idea is innovative 10 Articulation of Response Submission does not have critical errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or organization that prevent understanding of ideas Submission has critical errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or organization that prevent understanding of ideas 10 Total

quote reading reflection

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read the attached passage and choose one of the following quotes to perform a closed reading quote reflection. What are some patterns you notice in your selected quotation? How does your reading of the quotation tell you more about the themes you’re noticing in the novel?


“By half-past ten their conjectures had become so fantastic that the rest of the family thought the whole scheme was nothing more than one of Lolly’s odd jokes that nobody was amused by.” (91-1)

“We are all devoted to you. And now, without a word of warning, your propose to leave us and go and live at a place called Great Mop. Lolly! I must ask you to put this ridiculous idea out of your head.” (94-1)

“I consider you my charge.” (94-13)

“I have reminded you that I am forty-seven. If I am not old enough now to know what is sensible and suitable, I never shall be.” (95-1)

“Your capital has always been in my hands, Lolly, and I have administered it as I thought fit.” (96-7)

word requirement: 300 words minimum

Research Paper on Information Technology in a Global Economy : Topic -Educating Public Managers and Policy Analyst

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Write a short research paper for a peer-reviewed research paper that pertains to the Educating Public Managers and Policy Analyst reading. This will be a detailed summary of the research paper and what you gained from the research. You will find an article/peer-reviewed research paper that pertains to the week’s assignment. If you have a difficult time, Google Scholar is a wonderful location to find these types of articles:

Once you find the article, you will simply read it and then write a review of it. Think of it as an article review where you submit a short overview of the article.

Textbook: Janssen, M., Wimmer, M. A., & Deljoo, A. (Eds.). (2015). Policy practice and digital science: Integrating complex systems, social simulation and public administration in policy research (Vol. 10). Springer. (Included through library subscription)

Requirement: 2 pages and less than 5 pages in length excluding cover page and reference, APA 6th format reference AND cite, with no plagiarism

Reference material : Attached, reference.txt

Please include 4 to 5 References with proper Citations and APA 6th edition.

writing 1 paragraph for each one and there’s 3 of them

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There are many different software tools available to digital forensic investigators, law enforcement personnel, and security and network administrators. These tools are used to create, examine, analyze, and classify digital evidence. For this class, Introduction to Computer Forensics, we will utilize tools developed by AccessData Group such FTK Imager, and Registry Viewer, as well as other tools such as OSForensics, and Hex Viewer.


What other analysis tools are available for organizations to use? Who are the developers of those tools (organization/individual/open source)? What is the use of each tool you are reporting?

Search the Internet to find three different software tools used in digital forensics. Answer the above questions with a minimum of 1 full paragraph for each tool (more are certainly acceptable). Set your paragraphs to 1.5 spacing, 0 points before and after. Use Arial or Times New Roman font, size 12 point. You only need to include your name at the top of the document, the rest is content. Please cite your sources as well simply by copying and pasting the URL on a separate page.