EssayTyper Review: Is EssayTyper legal?

Essay Typer Review: Is EssayTyper Legal?

Is EssayTyper legal? is a website dedicated to creating content for students’ schoolwork. As an essay generator that is free online, the website utilizes various internet sources to auto-generate information on various educational topics. These, in turn, help the students’ present work that is original in content, but which is an amalgam of multiple sources on the internet. The students are, however, encouraged to work further on these pieces of information provided to avoid plagiarism. This essay looks at the reason why this site is legit.

It includes its terms of service for users

To begin with, is legal because it contains its terms of service on its website. For a body to be considered legal, it must adhere to various rules. One of these is publishing its intent. Intent outlines the conditions that clients have to agree to before they use its services. Another one is issuing its disclaimers. These help the website’s users decipher the guidelines that bind the site as well as the validity of the information obtained from it. A disclaimer furthermore indemnifies the company from legal recourse should the user face any consequences. It also helps define the function of the website, mostly as a service that allows users with materials for research and reference purposes only. This makes the website legal as it does not define itself as a site for plagiarism per se. then is legally absolved from any plagiarism claims, as it shifts the burden of morality and ethics to the students’ who are required to use the work provided to them as a reference point. Outlining the terms of service of the website thus helps underline the legality of the website as it bars the students’ from submitting their work as original, thus making the company legal. transfers full copyright to the users

Secondly, another reason for the legality of essay writing services lies under the far reach of copyright laws. Traditionally, plagiarism is frowned upon as it helps create a world without originality in the literary world.  However, academic essay writing sites like offer what they term as the best essay writing services in the USA. These promise original content without any plagiarism for their users.  The law is clear on passing another person’s intellectual property as your own, in that it is deemed illegal. Sites like bypass this by transferring the ownership of an essay to a customer or user.  Essay companies that have been ranked in the top ten of the best writing services transfer full rights to the user. This makes a customer the sole owner of the product provided that use of it is private. This transference is viewed as ethically acceptable and thus is legal under the law because the work completed fully belongs to the individual who paid for the service. The essay services are used as a pointer for students and thus are not expected to adhere to the rules that are set by schools on cheating. The transferring of intellectual property rights makes it easier for the companies to exist under the law as the prosecution of these online entities leaves no user trail. 

Registration under the law

Furthermore, another barrier to the question of legality is the registration of companies under the law. By legal doctrine, all entities that provide a service to the public have a mandate of registration. is a company that offers freelance writing services to the public for free using artificial intelligence (AI).  As a writing company, an organization is registered to provide credibility. This allows the company to obtain licenses to practice and also will enable them to work under the guidelines set by the law. This website is one which is verified and registered under the law. Through its essay bots, the company provides work aimed at helping student’s focus on the subjects they are writing about. Additionally, is not an essay writing service in the traditional sense because there is no monetary compensation in exchange for an essay. The question therein is, does AI writes essays? The answer is no. pulls together useful information from the internet using its AI to help students focus their areas of study and thus lower the time used in doing research. The company is registered and patented as a student assistant entity like Wikipedia. It is not a traditional essay creator entity. does not masquerade as a writing service.

In addition to these, paper writing services do not go out of their way to act as stand-ins for the customers. Theirs is a simple transaction that involves the use of coursework materials to help the student understand the course. The nature of the education system presently leaves little room for maneuverability. Students’ are swamped with schoolwork, employment, and co-curricular activities.  This leaves students with little option to cope with the pressure.Also,Trustworthy writing services step in as a guide to help students get through the academic side of the pressure. Sites like are ranked in the best essay writing service 2019 because they act as the stand-in without actually making a student cheat in school. They focus information and help organize thoughts and are thus legal because no plagiarism of work exists, and the final submission is wholly original and written by the student. The writing service is, therefore, legitimate because it does not act as a traditional writing service, but as a go-between, helping the student focus. 

It encourages Originality

Lastly, is a legal entity because it gives its customers the means to help them create original content. Its function is not to create papers for students’ outrightly.  As a content generator, any document that is submitted directly from its website would be flagged down by the schools’ plagiarism checkers. The site is entirely legal because its mandate is to help students prepare to write their papers. Moreover,  Essaytyper is legal as it fosters originality, and there is no monetary compensation and the documents generated by its essay bots cannot be submitted unless the individual student works on them. 


In summation, is a legal entity because it has various guidelines that are adhered to and set in the law. The company also has disclaimers to its users to prevent them from passing off work given to them as the original. It prides and describes itself as a site that helps students’ focus their creative energy. These factors come together to make the company legal by allowing students’ the means to do their coursework, thus, makes the process of understanding a course is here as an alternative to Essaytyper. Order your paper now.  

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