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In this exercise, you will be asked to create a measure of Competitive Balance for each of our Fantasy Baseball Leagues. Due to circumstances, we have used a simulation software to simulate the season. Your task is to explore the data for each League and complete the tables below to create a Lorenz Curve. Remember: to run a proper Lorenz curve, the league must be ranked in ascending order by points (The team with the least amount of points should be listed 1st, the team with the most points should be listed 10th). To find the League data for each league, click on the A, B, C, or D worksheet tabs below. Click A for League A, B for League B, C for League C, and D for League D. In the League data, you will see simulation results for each player subset into individual teams. In the far right, you will see the League Standings. This is the data you will need to finish this assignment. A picture of the table is shown to the right. **Remember to invert the standings for this exercise

Sport Marketing Research Project

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Due Date: 4/17/2020 11:59pm

Research is a critical area when developing a marketing plan. You want to be well versed in your product.

This assignment requires 3 to 4 written pages (not including cover page, references, or other materials such as tables and charts) and is worth a total of 30 points. This needs to be turned in through Blackboard in order to receive a grade. Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero for this assignment. This project consists of three parts.


Part 1: Research a university (5 points):

  • Research a Division I universities athletic department (DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA; The website will be better)
    • What is the school’s demographic profile?
    • U.S. Census of the city it is in.
    • List important industry within that city or area.
    • Who is their audience? What type of student?

Part 2: Social Media Strategy (10 points):

  • Research the school and athletic department’s social media strategy.
    • How is it unique compared to neighboring schools?
    • How is it different from other schools in the conference?
    • How are they handling COVID-19? What type of content are they producing?
    • What is there overall strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tic Toc, etc. Do they have their own App? Does it work well? Start following all of the accounts (both university and athletics) to gather your own information about their social media strategy.

Part 3: Recommendations (10 points)

  • Social Media Recommendations
    • Discuss in detail how the university and athletic department are using their social media to enhance the image.
    • Discuss how they have adjusted to the current state we are in.
    • What types of things are they promoting?
    • What brand associations are they stressing on social media?
    • Discuss how the university should use their social media going forward? Are they doing a great job? A poor job? Be creative here.

Miscellaneous (5 points)

  • APA, Mechanics, and research
    • This paper should be written in APA format. This includes 12 point, times new roman font, 1 inch margins all around, a cover page, double spaced, and a reference page.
    • Headers for each section.
    • Evidence of research. At least three (3) sources need to be cited. If you are having trouble, let me know. There are lots of articles and research out there regarding social media usage by organizations, universities and athletic departments.

Excel Data & an Example paper will be provided

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Goal is to compare how your state in doing compared to national averages in

terms of several healthcare statistics such as ALOS, Costs etc.

You will also look at top 5 DRGs for your state and compare them to national level

top DRGs


Include the state and the year you are evaluating.

Include the tools you used to complete the report (Access and/or


Explain the purpose of the report

Describe your role – e.g.: HR manager, Policy Analyst or Financial


Explain from your role’s perspective, how you would use the

information and the analysis from this report


Number formats:

All numbers greater than 999.99 must have the one thousand comma separators

All percentages must be decimal formatted to the 100

Currency formats:

All cost results must have the currency sign

Must be formatted to include cents

Data analysis outputs:

Must be formatted to the include the correct, modified headings. That is, they

must not have headings such as “sumOfALOS”

Tables should have borders


Do not use strange colors that are unreadable

Labels and Headings:

Graph must have a heading and bars, or section should be labeled

Vertical and horizontal axes must be labeled with the units. i.e. “Days”

If the graph is a pie chart, must include the legend

If the graph is a bar chart, must label each bar with the measure.

All bar or pie sections must have the value label

Make sure value label and chart color are contrasting and labels are

readable (e.g.: black letters on dark red/maroon background are not

very readable)


Compare your state with national averages for the SAME YEAR

Compare DRGs and ALOS and compare your state with National statistics for the same


Compare the differences in top 5 DRGs by total discharges

Compare the differences in top 5 DRGs by ALOS

Compare the differences in % distribution of each of the above

Discuss the potential reasons for these differences

It is NOT ENOUGH to just provide tables and graphs, YOU MUST EXPLAIN IN WORDS the

tables and graphs as well as your ANALYSIS

Make sure to provide some literature references for your reasoning. For example, if you

are in FL and ALOS are really high, it may be because of the older population. Provide

some reference for this.


What did you discover about your state?

In your role what do you intend to do with this information?

What programs/services do you think your state might need?

What programs/services do you think you could recommend for


What additional research do you need to do to complete your

decision making process?

Do you suggest using any performance measurement or quality

improvement processes and what are those

US Economy

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The paper needs to be not less then 2 pages- about 650 words (not including reference page, graphs, charts,etc).

Using the following resources and adding other credible ones analyze the current US economy and its future, even add how it was impacted by the COVID-19. Include numbers. Think GDP, population growth, currency risk, inflation, unemployment, housing, discretionary income, etc.

Please make sure that you don’t copy and paste.Your analysis should be your own understanding and words. You could copy and paste tables or graphs but with proper referencing. You could download charts and data into Word documents but NO PLAGIARISM! Cite your work an include references

Visual design

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I need help with this assignment which is looking at different Visual design for persuasive campaign and evaluate its effectiveness.

I need 3-5 sentences per classmate. Don’t take the surveys, you just need to take a look at it to try understanding the message of the campaign.

Please find attached the visual designs and example of the responses